Honeymoon Suite will be releasing a new album later this year that they have called Clifton Hill “in honor of the ‘Falls’, where Johnnie and [Derry] started out many years ago. We felt the music had a renewed energy and somewhat of a creative return to the HMS of the 80’s. So we thought the title rather fitting.”

The album cover is a shot of Clifton Hill from quite a while ago. You can see the Falls Tower and Circus World on the left, and the Honeymoon Motel on the right.

honeymoon suite clifton hill

You can also read more about the album here and here.

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3 Comments on Honeymoon Suite – Clifton Hill

  1. Drafty says:

    And from their website:

    “Honeymoon Suite and the good old “City Of Niagara Falls” are planning to do a huge CD release party on Labour Day, September 1, at Victoria Park in Niagara Falls. We will headline our own show along with several of our favourite bands and kick off “Clifton Hill” in style! Hope to see you all there.”

  2. Smoke says:

    Is this HOneymoon Motel now the Thriftlodge?

  3. StEC says:

    This is awesome I miss these guys and wow that album cover brings back memories! I’ll definitely be there for this!

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