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Have you ever seen Jay Cochrane? He’s a modern-day funambulist or tight-rope walker. These days they don’t use rope, so he is called a wirewalker. It is a remarkable thing. There he is, hundreds of feet up in the air. He is perfectly balanced, extremely focused, and determined. Jay has performed skywalks (the term used for one of his performances) in locations around the world.

Jay is a native Canadian, and has performed in Niagara Falls, but his dream is to walk above the falls, just as Blondin did so long ago. The Niagara Parks Commission controls the activities around the Horseshoe Falls, and Jay has applied to be permitted to walk from Goat Island to the top of the Skylon Tower. The Niagara Parks Commission has rejected his application in the past.

Sign the Petition!

I fully support Jay, and think this feat would bring unparalleled attention to the city for our benefit. I’ve created a petition that I would encourage you to sign. Perhaps if there is enough demand, the Niagara Parks Commission would look on the application favourably.

I’ve also created a button and a banner that you can put on your web site if you’d like to support this effort:

To use the small button, copy this code:

<a href="http://accessniagara.com/blog/index.php/jay-cochrane-petition/">
<img src="http://accessniagara.com/images/jaycochrane_small.gif" border="0">

To use the banner, copy this code:

<a href="http://accessniagara.com/blog/index.php/jay-cochrane-petition/">
<img src="http://accessniagara.com/images/jaycochrane_large.gif" border="0">

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