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Death-Defying Ratings: How Daredevils Are Making a Big TV Comeback

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From the Hollywood Reporter:

Nik Wallenda knows death haunts every step he takes on the high wire. As the great grandson of Karl Wallenda — the German emigre and patriarch of the Flying Wallendas who perished in 1978 on a wire badly strung between two towers of the Condado Plaza hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico — he also knows that some of the millions of viewers who have tuned in to his treacherous traverses of Niagara Falls and the Grand Canyon are waiting for a snuff film. “I’m sure there’s a percentage saying, ‘I hope he falls,’ ” says Wallenda.

Nik Wallenda Stay-cation in the Falls

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From the Niagara Gazette:

Nik Wallenda enjoyed a day-off in Niagara Falls on Monday, taking a jet boat and helicopter ride with family, friends and cast members of his Darien Lake show.

Along with performing at Darien Lake, he is also performing at the Erie County Fair on Sunday. I’m going on Saturday, so I will be missing it

Wallenda’s feat is given monumental recognition

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From the Buffalo News:

The tethered steps that Nik Wallenda took on a mist-drenched, 2-inch steel cable across Niagara Falls more than two years ago gave the former honeymoon capital of the world a chance to reclaim a moment in the spotlight.

But that 26-minute walk before a television audience of more than 10 million also catapulted the daredevil to global fame.

Last year, he got the chance to walk untethered across a gorge near the Grand Canyon. Later this year, he plans to stride across the top of the Chicago skyline.

Wallenda’s June 15, 2012, walk from the U.S. to the Canadian side of the falls was remembered Monday with the official unveiling of a monument on Goat Island in Niagara Falls State Park.

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Local developers,officials take measured steps to lure Wallenda back to Falls

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From the Niagara Gazette:

Nik Wallenda might not be the only daredevil around here, although he takes the risks and walks those crazy high wires while crowds watch in awe.

As he returns to the region this summer for a 10-week stint at Darien Lake, local developers and officials are doing their own type of tightrope walk as efforts continue to find the aerialist a permanent place to perform in the city.

With a falls attraction still on hold, Wallenda takes his act to Darien Lake

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From the Buffalo News:

We’re happy to see that Nik Wallenda is returning to this area, even if it’s not back to Niagara Falls, where the wire walker gained fame.

Wallenda has kept a special place in his heart for Niagara Falls since his walk across the Horseshoe Falls in June 2012. Live television allowed 13 million people to watch the feat that tied the Wallenda name to Niagara Falls.

But his desire to return to the American side of the Falls in a deal that would bring his skills permanently to the Cataract City has failed to get off the ground. Blame it on politics. Blame it on inertia. Whatever the reason and finger-pointing, Darien Lake theme park has emerged the winner.

Life on the highwire

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The Niagara Falls Review has a great article about with some great photos of Jay Cochrane and Henry Rechatin, both of whom passed away last year.

The world of tightrope walkers lost two of its giants in 2013 – Jay Cochrane and Henry Rechatin.

Cochrane, who was born in 1944 and dubbed himself as “The Prince of the Air,” died from pancreatic cancer on Oct. 30. He was 69.

Rechatin, the legendary French tightrope walker and chair-balancer who was known as Henry’s, died on Dec. 27. He was 82.

Both men had plans to walk across Niagara Falls on a tightrope, but unlike Nik Wallenda who did it on June 15, 2012, they were never able to get permission from the authorities on both sides of the border.

Wallenda Negotiating For Temporary Venue In Falls

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From WGRZ Channel 2 in Buffalo (includes video):

For one night last year Nik Wallenda returned Niagara Falls to its past glory with his daredevil wire walk.

Now a source tells 2 On Your Side that Wallenda may return to the Falls next July, this time with his family’s acrobatic show to perform for up to six weeks during the height of the summer tourist season.

Faith is what guides Nik Wallenda

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From Niagara This Week:

Even after he was initially turned down in his bid to cross Niagara Falls on a high wire, Nik Wallenda said it was his faith that guided him through the entire process.

“What a journey it was to get permission to walk across Niagara Falls and to be able do that through that process praise the name of Jesus,” Wallenda said. “That’s the only thing I know to do. That’s how I was raised. That’s where I find my peace and my comfort when I’m on that wire.”

Wallenda was in Niagara Falls Oct. 30 for the annual Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast at Club Italia.

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Daredevil Nik Wallenda Looking to Build Entertainment Complex in Niagara Falls

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From WKBW Channel 7 in Buffalo:

With his walk over the Grand Canyon now over, Nik Wallenda has returned his focus to Western New York.

On Wednesday, the daredevil announced that he is planning on walking a 200-foot high-wire at next year’s Erie County Fair.

Wallenda is also moving ahead with plans to build an entertainment and theater complex in Niagara Falls.

“I think on a grand scale. I think big and I want it to be a permanent facility with an indoor water park and a place for families to come – similar to a Great Wolf Lodge,” said Nik Wallenda.

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