These Ontario attractions were just ranked among Canada’s worst tourist traps

From While Canada boasts endless attractions from coast to coast from natural wonders to man-made marvels, it’s inevitable for visitors to find some overrated or underwhelming spots in the mix. A recent study carried out last month by American magazine USA Today sifted through a whopping 23.3 million Google reviews across 65 countries in…

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Update on construction at Starbucks on Murray St

I have previously posted about some renovations going on at the Starbucks on Murray St and the one inside the Skylon Tower. With regards to the one outside, I couldn’t tell if it was still going to be a Starbucks, or if it was changing. Well, it looks like they’ve just been updating it to…

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Arcade review and history: Skyquest Arcade at the Basement of the Skylon Tower, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

I recently posted a couple of things about the Skylon Tower. Apparently the arcade on the lower level (basement?) has some old/retro, and consequently, rare games. Commentor @SaraAB87 let me know that she wrote a blog post for the Arcade Heroes website. If you are interested in a bit of the history of the Skylon Tower…

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