Does anyone go to the Skylon Tower arcade?

Yesterday I walked through the Skylon Tower SkyQuest Family Fun Centre and I was literally the only one there. I recognize that it was a rainy day at the beginning of May, but I always see at least a couple of people. However this time there was not a single person. It was deserted. I didn’t even see any workers.

2 thoughts on “Does anyone go to the Skylon Tower arcade?

  1. I went there a few times and was talking to one of the staff who told me the people that own this place don’t care for it and only fix things here and there.

    Said the ticket prize area is only open weekends.

    My friend and I ended up just getting some tickets and going upstairs to some gift shop and getting some stuffed little things.

    1. I was there again today and there were a few people playing today.
      It’s kind of a strange place. The whole purpose of the tower is to go up and look out over the falls. It almost seems counter-intuitive to go there and go below ground.

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