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    Trying to get caught up

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    I still don’t know what is happening with this site… sometimes I think I’m done, but other times I think there is still time for me to do things.

    Anyway, for now, I’m still going to be posting various stories. I’ve got a bunch that will be posted over the next week or so. I know some are older, but I still thought they were worth posting.

    Niagara Falls travelblog: Viewing the Falls from different spots

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    From NewsOK.com:

    My radio colleague, Jim Traber, made a great point with me the other day on The Sports Animal. Traber said Niagara Falls is a lot like the Grand Canyon. He is awed by Niagara Falls. He thinks it’s glorious. But when he gets there, he sees it, he’s impressed and he’s ready to go. Either to the casino or to the highway.

    And it’s a valid question. After you’ve seen Niagara Falls, what then? Do you keep looking at it? How do you experience Niagara Falls for more than just 15 minutes?

    Well, the Dish and I tried to answer that question Tuesday. And I think we did.

    * We viewed Niagara Falls from various points at the top of the falls.

    Man accused of trying to blow up hotel lobby in Niagara Falls, Ont.

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    From Canoe.ca News:

    A 43-year-old man has been charged after a makeshift bomb ignited but didn’t explode in a hotel lobby Wednesday, police say.

    Emergency crews were called to the Courtside Inn around 6:30 p.m. after a guest lit a glass jar filled with liquid and debris before running back to his room, police said.

    Firefighters quickly extinguished the fire before it spread to other areas of the hotel.

    The Final Frontier on Ferry

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    From Niagara This Week:

    Right now, the Ontario Power Generation Galley at the Niagara Falls History Museum is an open — and very empty — space.

    It won’t be that way for long as come Jan. 16, the hall will come alive in a display that that oddly enough, is dedicated to — wait for it — Space.

    That’s space, as in the final frontier; space, as in out of this world.

    And centre to the exhibit is a moon rock brought back to Earth in 1971 by the Apollo XV mission.

    Canadian tightrope walker Jay Cochrane dies of cancer at age 69

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    From Yahoo! Canada News:

    Celebrated Canadian tightrope walker Jay Cochrane died Wednesday in Niagara Falls, Ont., at the age of 69.
    A tribute on Cochrane‘s website to the man dubbed ‘‘The Prince of the Air‘‘ says he died from pancreatic cancer.

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