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    Niagara Falls is also known for its history of badminton expertise

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    This may seem kind of random, but I had no idea there was this connection between badminton and Niagara Falls

    From the St Catharines Standard:

    When we think about sports excellence in Niagara Falls, we can include both team sports and individual activities. Although it may not be the first sport that pops into to your mind, one such sport has a long history in the Falls.

    Although we don’t hear much about the sport of badminton today, it was a very popular winter sport that dates back to the roaring 1920s. Local church basements and school gyms were frequently used by many enthusiastic players, both young and old. In November 1928 (more than 90 years ago), a group of interested people applied for and were granted incorporation under the name of Niagara Falls Badminton Club Ltd.

    Trying to get caught up

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    I still don’t know what is happening with this site… sometimes I think I’m done, but other times I think there is still time for me to do things.

    Anyway, for now, I’m still going to be posting various stories. I’ve got a bunch that will be posted over the next week or so. I know some are older, but I still thought they were worth posting.

    Where in the world are the new postings?

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    I know, I know. It has been 5 months now since I last posted. I haven’t given up entirely, but I got close. A few years ago I lost my good Google rankings, and the traffic to the site has gone down every since. I get less people commenting, I make less money from ads, and I just ran out of energy.

    I’ve had a pretty good winter, and I hope to get going again within the next month or so. Don’t give up yet…

    We’re back (hopefully with no more interruptions)

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    Last summer I changed web hosting providers so I could save some money. I had a friend who was using this other company and had never had any problems, so I went with them. At first things seemed fine, but then there were regular outages. It would be down for a few minutes to a few hours, and then come back up. I then started to have my sites turned off as they said they were using too many resources.

    Anyway, I don’t need to go into all of the details, but the problem was and is not with my sites. It just isn’t a great provider. It looks like the sites have gone down 93 times in the last 16 months. Not good.

    I’ve moved to another hosting provider, and things are back up now, so I’ll be getting caught up some postings over this next week or so.

    Posts will be slowing down

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    Next week I’ll provide a bit of a summary for how the summer went for me on the blog, but I just wanted to give you the heads up that posting will slow down a bit now that the summer is coming to an end. I’ve received less newsletters, there are not as many things in the news, and soon there won’t be as many people around.

    Overall, it seems like it has been a good summer for the industry. Let’s hope we have one final great week!

    New Access Niagara posting series

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    I’m not sure how long it will go on for, but each Monday I’m going to highlight a post from the past… kind of a “Best Of” series. These posts will be ones that were really popular in the past, had lots of comments, were my favourite places to visit or were otherwise noteworthy.

    I’ll be starting this coming Monday…

    I’m back (finally)

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    Well, technically I got back a week ago, but it was harder getting caught up on work and family and church responsibilities then I thought.

    As we often do in the late winter or early spring, we headed down to Florida. We rented a house for two weeks and went to Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, Busch Gardens, Seaworld, and Aquatica numerous times. At some point in the next couple of weeks I’ll post some more thoughts (I’ve done this in the past) on what Niagara Falls can and can’t do to meet the Orlando standards.

    Regular posting will resume now…

    Lighter than normal posting for the next two weeks

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    Although I’m trying (and succeeding) to post more often, over the next couple of weeks things will be slower. I’m not going to be in Niagara Falls at all as I take some vacation time. I’ll still post some newsletters and links to articles, but I won’t have any update on developments until I get back to the Falls.

    Niagara Falls Blog stats update (lots of posts!)

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    I mentioned back in January that I was trying to keep the blog going. It has been difficult over the last couple of years with very little development going on. I lost my Google rankings, and have less companies reaching out to me to visit their operations.

    Well, as I said, I’m trying to do better. I try to post 5 times each day on weekdays. This is usually a copy of a couple of newsletters, as well as other new stores. Those stories can come from area newspapers, or things I’ve observed. In the 4 weeks right after the new year, I posted 84 out of 100 possible times. Not bad. In the 4 weeks that ended Friday, I posted 96 out of 100 possible times. Even better!

    In January, the site had the most traffic its had in a couple of years, but there is still a long way to go. Please do your best to help me promote the blog. Send links to your friends, like tweets on Twitter, add me on Facebook, whatever you can do. Thanks!

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