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Hilton Honors promo card

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When I found this on the ground recently, I thought I had another posting for my series on keycards. When I saw that it didn’t have a magnetic stripe, I thought that it might be a “fancy” keycard that uses RFID. However, I’ve played with the card, bent it, tried to cut it, and used a magnet, and it doesn’t appear to have any chip in it either.

I think it is just a promo card for Hilton Honors, their reward program.


Repairs high up the Hilton hotel

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This afternoon I was walking by the Hilton Niagara Falls Fallsview Hotel & Suites and I heard the sound of a saw. I looked around, and then up… way up. There was someone up on some scaffolding cutting something way up near the top. You can see concrete dust clouds near the scaffolding.

I’m generally not afraid of heights, but that is way up there!

Closest Hotel To Niagara Falls Offers Unrivaled Views Year-Round

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From a Marketwired press release seen on Yahoo! Finance:

Canada’s most striking and legendary natural wonder, Niagara Falls, attracts tourists and adventurers from all over the globe. The Niagara Falls Marriott on the Falls has the distinction of being the closest hotel to this timeless natural attraction. Read More…

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