Parks unveils its Fury


    From the Niagara Falls Review:

    The secret’s out.

    On Wednesday, the Niagara Parks Commission let its staff hear details about Niagara’s Fury – the $7-million attraction being built at Table Rock that has been kept tightly under wraps since plans to overhaul the facility were announced last year.

    Over the U.S. Memorial Day weekend in late May, the floor inside a specially designed room at Table Rock will tremble. Water below will boil. The temperature will drop 40 degrees in two seconds.

    At the same time, the sights and sounds of the formation of Niagara Falls – shot with technology previously used only in satellites and medicine – will immerse riders in what the Niagara Parks is billing as a 4-D, Universal Studios-style attraction.

    Hmmm… sounds just like what we talked about over a month ago!

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