Nik Wallenda Prepares for His Niagara Falls Stunt

The New York Times has a nice article (including video) of Nik Wallenda practicing: Nik Wallenda climbed up a scaffold, stepped onto the steel cable and slipped the harness of his balancing pole over his head. Then he began to walk — each step a few inches in front of the last, his leather moccasins…

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Wallenda faces safety concerns

From the Buffalo News: Nik Wallenda doesn’t want to wear a harness when he walks on a wire above Niagara Falls. But his sponsors want to make him. He’d prefer to start the walk in the U.S. and end in Canada, though television officials would have it the other way around. And he wants the…

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The tourists are coming! Unofficial start of the tourism season

From the Niagara Falls Review: The holiday honours Queen Victoria’s birthday, but for the thousands of tourists who come to Niagara Falls for the Victoria Day weekend it’s a time to relax, have fun and kick off the beginning of the summer season. No trip to Niagara Falls would be complete without a stop on…

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