The tourists are coming! Unofficial start of the tourism season

From the Niagara Falls Review:

The holiday honours Queen Victoria’s birthday, but for the thousands of tourists who come to Niagara Falls for the Victoria Day weekend it’s a time to relax, have fun and kick off the beginning of the summer season.

No trip to Niagara Falls would be complete without a stop on Clifton Hill, which is often quite busy, regardless of the hour.

“Getting to see the Falls is just amazing,” said Karisa Burt, a first-time visitor, who is visiting with her family from Newfoundland. “I’m taking a lot of pictures because I want to remember everything.”

Vikki Ash, also from Newfoundland, has been to Niagara Falls before, but she made Clifton Hill her first stop of the day.

“We’ve been on the Skywheel and really enjoyed that and later we will be doing some shopping. We are here to enjoy some family time together.”

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