Wallenda faces safety concerns

From the Buffalo News:

Nik Wallenda doesn’t want to wear a harness when he walks on a wire above Niagara Falls. But his sponsors want to make him.

He’d prefer to start the walk in the U.S. and end in Canada, though television officials would have it the other way around.

And he wants the event to be completely free to spectators — something state officials haven’t agreed to.

There’s a lot of pressure and a seemingly endless stream of requests on the 33-year-old daredevil, something that has his handlers shaking their heads — and pushing forward.

“Things come up moment by moment,” said his father, Terry Troffer. “It’s been a long, arduous process, and there have been a few hiccups along the way. [But] Nik will handle all of that.”

The latest — and most worrisome — issue for Wallenda centers around the sponsors who want to see Wallenda wear a safety device to avoid a death fall — and potential damage to their brand.

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15 thoughts on “Wallenda faces safety concerns

  1. If he wears a harness then it’s not worth it and if he goes Canada first then USA then again not worth it and it should be 100% FREE to spectators.

  2. i was up for coming up to see this a few weeks ago. but prices, the fact that it’s in the evening, and this kind of stuff made me shift my trip away from this mess. i’ll be watching from my couch.

  3. I’ll be watching it on TV. I’m already going to Niagara Falls in July with the prices i’m paying NOT the prices the hotels are expecting people to pay in June.

  4. This has quickly gone from something I was excited for too something that I no longer find that interesting. 🙁

    Feels like a missed opportunity.

  5. My biggest problem is with how late it starts. He isn’t going to start until 10 pm?! I had planned on taking my 3 small kids to see this. It is still a “once-in-a-lifetime” event that I thought it would be cool to take my family to see. I’m not so sure now…

  6. I hope Nik falls cause he shouldn’t even be allowed to cross when Jay has asked way before Nik.

    I won’t be watching it but I hope he does fall.

  7. So much hatred towards Nik, Tom… yet, 1000% unnecessary. Unbelievable. What are you, 12? I mean, grow up. If you even watched the ABC special, you’d learn that he’s a 7th generation Wallenda, not some “hack” who’s just out for profit. He’s lost a lot of family members all from past wire walking. He’s got a wife & a couple kids, and you wish he’d fall? Good grief… what is wrong with you?

  8. Rob say whatever you want cause I will continue to say that JAY should’ve been walking the wire not the HACK Nik is.

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