Former name of Outback Steakhouse on Victoria Ave

A visitor recently asked what used to be at the current Outback Steakhouse location on Victoria Ave. I answered that it has been a variety of restaurants. Well, the other day I noticed a sign on the back of the building and it reminded me of what it used to be called. For the longest…

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New tourism buses stall

From the Niagara Falls Review: WEGO is a no-go for July. The new $50-million visitor transportation system that was expected to hit the roads June 29, won’t be rolling out until mid-August. The launch of the bus system, which will replace the Niagara Parks Commission’s People Mover, is being delayed due to issues with computer-based…

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Update on Kiska (not) being pregnant

So I posted back in January about a rumour I’d read that Kiska, Marineland’s remaining Orca whale, was pregnant. I hadn’t read the rumour anywhere else, but it was an exciting thought that there could be some baby Orcas on the way. Well, I have an update. It has as much authority as the last…

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