New tourism buses stall

From the Niagara Falls Review:

WEGO is a no-go for July.

The new $50-million visitor transportation system that was expected to hit the roads June 29, won’t be rolling out until mid-August.

The launch of the bus system, which will replace the Niagara Parks Commission’s People Mover, is being delayed due to issues with computer-based transportation technology.

“Obviously, we’re disappointed,” said Niagara Falls Mayor Jim Diodati.

The buses, a mix of 40-foot traditional buses and 60-foot articulated buses, have arrived. But the smart technology equipment still needs to be installed and programmed.

4 thoughts on “New tourism buses stall

  1. ” Diodati said the city is still in the process of confirming ticket locations and shuttle routes. ”

    WHAT!!!! Are you kidding? The specially built buses have already been delivered and you still don’t know routes and ticket outlets, or have the computer system ready or, for that matter, have a garage for the buses because you don’t know where it’s going??? Sorry Mr. Mayor, but this is absolutely ridiculous that everything wasn’t in place and ready to go the day that the buses arrived. Somebody screwed up and it’s going to make the city look like a hick town.

  2. Tom,
    That site is for Niagara Falls Transit, the city’s bus system. However, they also operate the Falls Shuttle during the summer, which is just special routes that concentrate on the tourist areas and Lundy’s Lane. The Niagara Parks Commission operates the People Mover buses, which only operate within the NPC property along the Niagara River, from the Falls north to Queenston. These are independant systems with their own fares and passes.
    The new WEGO system is a joint venture between the City of Niagara Falls and the Niagara Parks Commission that will combine the People Mover and the Falls Shuttle into one system, allowing visitors to go anywhere on one pass.
    That is if they ever get their sh*t together and actually start running them.

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