A meal fit for a king

From the Niagara Falls Review:

So, just what type of dinner do you serve a king and queen?

That was the question the chefs at the Hotel General Brock were asking themselves during the early spring of 1939 after learning King George VI and his wife, Queen Elizabeth, would be having dinner at their at their hotel on June 7. It would be a great honour to have such renowned guests, but a challenge as well. Nevertheless, it was a challenge that, as we shall see, was very successfully met.

Opened 10 years earlier, the Brock — since renamed the Crowne Plaza — was the largest, tallest and best-known hotel in Niagara Falls at the time. Its Falls Ave. location provided beautiful views of the falls — views that were especially spectacular from the large picture windows in the hotel’s famed Rainbow Room, one of the area’s most popular dining spots on the 10th floor.

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