Cochrane walks the line

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    From the Niagara Falls Review:

    Jay Cochrane hopes every step he takes on the high wire this summer will bring him closer to his two biggest goals: Raising half a billion dollars for children around the world and walking on a highwire over the brink of the falls.

    Each presents its own unique challenge.

    To date, Cochrane – in town to begin his twice-daily wirewalk performances Saturday – says he has raised $43 million for children in places he has performed his high-wire acts around the world, including $114,000 of it in Niagara Falls, where he walks in support of Tender Wishes.

    That means Cochrane needs to raise another $457 million in the next three or four years, when he expects to hang up his balancing pole and walking shoes for good.

    Which brings Cochrane to what could actually prove to be the bigger challenge: The 1,100-metre walk from Goat Island to the top of the Skylon Tower he hopes will be the pinnacle of his career.

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