Eight months later and still no update on speedway project

From Niagara This Week: More than eight months after agreeing to meet with town officials to provide an update on the long-delayed Canadian Motor Speedway project, the developers have still not done so, and are no longer answering questions about the status of the project. The overseas company providing the funding for the project appears…

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Niagara Falls facing major financial trouble

From WGRZ Channel 2 in Buffalo: A draft of an audit being prepared by the Office of the New York State Comptroller calls into question the budget and spending policies of the City of Niagara Falls and warns of potentially dire financial circumstances for the Cataract City unless officials there “take immediate steps” to get…

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Why Canton man tried to cheat death twice at Niagara

From the Detroit News: When Kirk Jones waded into the rapids, the biggest danger wasn’t the 7-foot-long snake in his hands. It was the 170-foot waterfalls several hundred yards downriver. He knew the peril all too well. He had jumped over the falls in 2003, the first person to survive such a drop without a…

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