Why Canton man tried to cheat death twice at Niagara

From the Detroit News:

When Kirk Jones waded into the rapids, the biggest danger wasn’t the 7-foot-long snake in his hands. It was the 170-foot waterfalls several hundred yards downriver.

He knew the peril all too well. He had jumped over the falls in 2003, the first person to survive such a drop without a safety device.

Here he was, 14 years later, back at the brink, once again floating through a swirling mist toward the growing roar of the cascade.

Once again his friends would ask why. What makes a man leap off a precipice, rolling the dice with his life, not once but twice?

“Who jumps off Niagara Falls?” asked Russ Chiado, a longtime friend from Canton. “It’s amazing what we do in this world.”

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