Travelocity Names Luxury Hotel in Niagara Falls a Top 5 Canadian Destination

From a Marketwire press release:

The last long weekend of the summer is quickly approaching, and with the Marriott Fallsview Hotel & Spa you can refresh and revive before autumn arrives at one of Canada’s top boutique hotels in Niagara Falls.

According to, Niagara Falls and the Marriott Fallsview are one of Canada’s Top 5 Destinations this Labour Day weekend.

I unclear on what this is actually saying… Is the Marriott claiming that Travelocity says they are a top 5 destination, or that the Niagara Falls is? I can’t imagine that the Marriott is a top 5 destination in all of Canada. And is the Marriott considered a boutique hotel when it is that big?

3 thoughts on “Travelocity Names Luxury Hotel in Niagara Falls a Top 5 Canadian Destination

  1. Marriott Fallsview is a top 5 hotel on TripAdvisor – the only major (400+ Rooms) hotel in the top 5 for Niagara Falls.

    Although the #1 restaurant in Niagara Falls was Frijoles – a burrito restaurant in the north end. Is TripAdvisor reliable?

    1. Sorry… that link I left in the last comment was for Trip Advisor. The press release is about Travelocity. I’ve looked online and all I see are sites that have this press release. I can’t find the “official” list anywhere.

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