Mayor defends Marineland amid allegations

From the Niagara Falls Review:

…In a story published in a Toronto newspaper Wednesday, Demers said the poor conditions and a lack of action by park owner John Holer is what made him quit – and subsequently break a non-disclosure agreement by going public.

The public reaction to the report has been significant, with Marineland trending on Twitter. Many called for the park to be shut down by the City of Niagara Falls, but Mayor Jim Diodati said Wednesday it’s not something city hall has jurisdiction over.

“We don’t regulate or license them,” Diodati said. “We’re not involved in monitoring them, that’s another body. We make sure the property taxes are paid and that there are no other bylaw infringements taking place.”

The mayor defended the amusement park, saying he’s been going to Marineland since he was a youth and has never seen any signs of animal mistreatment…

4 thoughts on “Mayor defends Marineland amid allegations

  1. I don’t believe the animals are being mistreated. The animals are what makes everyone a living who works there, they depend on their health.

  2. Mistreated? Well, they’re not beaten with sticks, if that’s what you’re implying. However… neglect and poor living conditions would be a better definition of “mistreatment”… and that video from ‘The Star’ (–marineland-animals-suffering-former-staffers-say) proves just as such. The video shows a lot of examples from the former worker with the sea lions, walruses, and dolphins and how horrible they are suffering.

    As much as I loved Marineland and wish it would have succeeded… this kind of puts a nail in the coffin that they just can’t survive this as it’s as evident as a puppy mill. I don’t see any reason it would be embellished.

    This is extremely important!!!! All animal, living creatures deserve protection against abuse!!!! This is abuse, and they are making money off it!!!! Make them accountable!!! I just can’t believe this is allowed to happen in our Country. Makes me so Sad!!!! Something has to be done and it needs to be done now!!! I can’t believe these despicable owner aren’t charge with neglect! Please, Please sign the petition!!!!

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