Tightrope walk, gay weddings, casinos? Niagara Falls open to anything for economy’s sake

From the Associated Pres (via Canada.com): In recent years, Niagara Falls has thrown open its doors to casino gambling, gay weddings and a tightrope walk that, until laws were relaxed, would have meant arrest. It even briefly considered taking in toxic wastewater from hydraulic fracturing… With its spectacular natural wonder — the famous waterfall that…

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Highway 420 ‘a mess’: Falls mayor

From the Niagara Falls Review: Council is petitioning the province to properly maintain Highway 420, one of the main tourist arteries into Niagara Falls. The appearance of the highway, which connects the QEW to the city, has been a thorn in city council’s side since Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation did some highway work in 2003….

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