Highway 420 ‘a mess’: Falls mayor

From the Niagara Falls Review:

Council is petitioning the province to properly maintain Highway 420, one of the main tourist arteries into Niagara Falls.

The appearance of the highway, which connects the QEW to the city, has been a thorn in city council’s side since Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation did some highway work in 2003.

The province rebuilt the median dividing the east and westbound traffic. At first, the MTO put in a variety of flora filling the median. But councillors complained the plants were ugly and weeds were taking over. The province then put gravel fill into the planter, but council complained weeds were still growing in the gravel.

On Tuesday, Coun. Wayne Thomson said there’s a reluctance on the province’s part to keep Highway 420 from looking like “hell.”

“They should properly manicure the site and come up with a solution to the unsightly entrance into the city,” he said.

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