Our latest stay at the Doubletree Fallsview Resort & Spa by Hilton – Niagara Falls

In the middle of April, I had the opportunity to stay at the Doubletree Fallsview Resort & Spa by Hilton – Niagara Falls with my family. We had stayed there about 2 1/2 years ago (see here, here, and here), and enjoyed it quite a bit. It seemed that almost every time we drove into Niagara Falls and we saw the Doubletree, my kids would always ask when we could stay again. Our stay this time was just as enjoyable as before.

We checked in around 4 pm and were greeted by friendly staff. My kids loved the warm chocolate chip cookies. They also each got a very nice kids backpack (the kind that only has one strap), a Frisbee, a hacky sack, binoculars and more. The binoculars were just these little plastic things, but they worked, and the kids loved them. In fact, they had them out yesterday playing with them. The backpack had the Doubletree name on it, but I’m not sure if all kids get them or if you only get it with certain rooms/packages.

As indicated before (it was the same room as last time… 1901), the room was huge, and beautiful. All of the features that were there before, were still there. There were 2 king-size beds, as well as a pull-out couch. The WiFi Internet worked well. The rooms were quiet, and provided a great view of both the Falls and the city.

After checking out our room, we got changed and headed down to the pool. We were the only ones there, which is probably good since my kids are pretty loud! The pool is a saltwater pool, which I thought might be a problem for the kids (not used to it), but I think they liked it better as there was no complaining afterward of stinging eyes or itchy skin. We same for around an hour, and then headed to Buchanans for dinner.

My wife had the Panko Crusted Chicken and I had a beautiful T-Bone Steak. I wasn’t much of a steak connoisseur before going to Buchanans last time. However, my steak last time was so good, that now I love a good steak. The kids meal menu is pretty good as well. One of my children had the cheeseburger and complained that it was too big. The macaroni and cheese was a big hit with another, and the chicken tenders were enjoyed by our youngest. We all had pop or juice to drink. The kids each got an ice cream sundae with their dinner. My wife and I opted not to have anything.

After dinner we headed down to Clifton Hill. We went to a couple of attractions and got some more ice cream. We then stopped at 7-11 on the way back to the hotel for the kids to get a couple of treats.

After a wonderful night sleep, we got up and went back to Buchanans for breakfast. I’ve been told that their breakfast buffet is incredible, but at this time of year it is only available on weekends, so we missed out again. The regular breakfast menu is still excellent, and comes with huge portions. My 7-year-old son usually has 2 eggs when he has breakfast at home. We were going to order him one of the meals that came with one egg. We were worried that it wouldn’t be enough, so we asked for a second scrambled egg. When the meal came, once again my son complained about getting too much. The plate was half full of eggs. We joked that if that was 2 eggs, they must be ostrich eggs! Between us, we had eggs, toast, bagels, and juice. We were all quite full, but ready to go swimming again.

Since the pool is such a big hit with the kids, that is what we finished off with. We swam for another hour or so, and then went up to the room to shower, change, and get our things together.

As always, I took some pictures. You can see thumbnails below, and then view the entire collection and full versions in the Doubletree Fallsview Resort & Spa by Hilton – Niagara Falls in Spring 2010 image gallery.

Note: there are now 2,950 total images in the Niagara Falls Image Gallery.

I had intended to take several videos, but was having too much fun. I did get an HD video of the pool area which you can see on YouTube or below.

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    1. Nope, not an employee. Not sure what makes it a farce. It’s how I feel. There is just something about the hotel I just love. My kids love it too.

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