Spectacle at the Falls

From 50plus.com: It’s the season for winter wonderlands, and Niagara Falls delivers its own unique twist with its annual CAA Winter Festival of Lights. It’s not a small undertaking — over one million visitors come each year, injecting enthusiasm and much-needed tourism dollars into the area. Here’s what there is to see.

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Media requests flow over falls photos

From the Niagara Falls Review: It has been more than three decades since Russ Glasson last set eyes upon the mighty cataracts of Niagara. But during the past week, the iconic tourist attraction has figured prominently in the life of the semi-retired 75-year-old Weatherfield, Conn., resident. Last year, Glasson posted a small collection of 41-year-old…

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Niagara Falls: All Dried Up – CBS News Video

This 20-second video shows some pictures of when the American Falls were “turned off” in 1969. There are lots of sites that are showing these pictures. Gizmodo is another good place to look as they have a posting with a couple of pictures, a CNN video, as well as other links.

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