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    • The press release only said it “opens later this year” and that it was “scheduled for summer 2010”. I haven’t heard a firm date yet.

  1. Hi ,
    I just wanted to add that even though Jimmy Buffett does visit all of the Margaritaville restaurants he does not always do it right away. Recently he did Panama Beach ,Fl for the first time and it has been open a while, but I do think he will do it eventually.

  2. I was on Facebook and the Fan page states May 25. They have a lot of work to do before then! Wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t open until late June.

  3. Ahaha Drafty.

    It was a fairly modern restaurant before so I’d imagine any renovations to the kitchen/bar would/could be completed in a timely manner. Rewiring, or replumbing would not be necessary and unless they gutted the inside most work would be of a cosmetic nature which could make a late May opening a possibility.

  4. Bahahah Drafty! Hilarious!

    Helen you’re right about Wolfgang. However Graham is right and this place looks like it’s going to be massive. I think there is going to be three or four patios!

  5. Mom and i are coming up in a couple weeks. Just made reservations for the 23rd. please arrange for moderately-warm and sunny weather! i know you know people that can make that happen, Graham! 🙂 Can’t wait! it’s been too long.

  6. I find it interesting that Jimmy is playing concerts on June 17 and 19 at Mansfield, MA. That leaves the 18th open. A coincidence??? It’s not that far away for Jimmy to get to Niagara on the 18th of June and back in time for the June 19th show. I find it intriguing that there will be two concerts at the same location but not on consecutive nights. There have been a few sites that have mentioned the opening to be on June 18th but none of them have substantiated or definitely confirmed that date. Hopefully someone can get some firm statements soon as June the 18th is only 12 days away.

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