NPC holds speakers to 5 minutes

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    From the Niagara Falls Review:

    Five minutes isn’t enough time to explain complicated legal or financial positions during Niagara Parks Commission meetings, says James Bannister, a consultant and member of the Preserve Our Parks group that monitors what goes on at the commission.

    During their monthly meeting Friday, commissioners adopted a five-minute time limit for presentations from members of the public. How long and how often to let members of the public address commissioners is one of the issues members of the provincial agency responsible for the land and attractions along the Niagara River had to come to terms with as a result of their December decision to hold their meetings in public.

    Bannister, a retired lawyer, looked at his watch while acting chairman Archie Katzman read a two-page report.

    “It took him four and a half minutes to get through that and he was kind of skimming. That shows you the limits of what you can get done in five minutes,” Bannister said.

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