Update on construction at Starbucks on Murray St

I have previously posted about some renovations going on at the Starbucks on Murray St and the one inside the Skylon Tower. With regards to the one outside, I couldn’t tell if it was still going to be a Starbucks, or if it was changing. Well, it looks like they’ve just been updating it to…

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Red Bull Crashed Ice course taking shape

From the Niagara Falls Review: When Mayor Jim Diodati got to the top of the Red Bull Crashed Ice course, he got that churning feeling in his stomach and could only think of one thing: “Imagine going down a roller coaster in skates!” Lucky for Diodati, he was only taking a tour of the 460-metre-long…

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Fake WEGO Niagara Falls sign? – Updated… Not fake after all

Yesterday when I was out walking, I saw this sign on Murray St: I thought that the WEGO bus system (to replace the People Mover system) was supposed to be starting up soon, so I thought maybe this was a temporary sign, maybe even a temporary bus stop. I went home and checked the website…

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