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    Repairs high up the Hilton hotel

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    This afternoon I was walking by the Hilton Niagara Falls Fallsview Hotel & Suites and I heard the sound of a saw. I looked around, and then up… way up. There was someone up on some scaffolding cutting something way up near the top. You can see concrete dust clouds near the scaffolding.

    I’m generally not afraid of heights, but that is way up there!

    New (human) sundial clock at Doubletree Niagara Falls

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    I recently heard that the Doubletree Niagara Falls has added a sundial to one of their green spaces. Apparently it is a one where you stand in the right spot and your shadow tells the time. here is the information:

    Sundials come in a wide range of different types, though by far one of the most interactive and fun is the Human Sundial which uses a person’s own shadow to show the correct time! DoubleTree Niagara Falls recently installed a Human Sun Dial Clock in it’s newly created green space with-in the city, on Fallsview Blvd. A great teaching tool for students and a curiosity teaser for young and old. DoubleTree Niagara Falls is a full service 224 room hotel located just two short blocks from the brink of the Falls, 400 yards to Fallsview Casino Resort.



    I’ll definitely make time to check it out one day when I am on my walk.

    Eau de Niagara Falls

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    From the Niagara Falls Review (includes video):

    If you could capture the essence of Niagara Falls in a bottle, what would it smell like?

    “I envisioned a water scent. Something really fresh and clean,” said Alayna D’Angelo, owner of World Class Fragrance on Fallsview Blvd.

    Recently, her company unveiled Niagara Myst, a fragrance idea created by the 23-year-old Brock University graduate.

    Calling it a “dream come true,” the Falls native said she doesn’t want people confusing the smell of the city with the bottle.

    No, there won’t be any hints of Shredded Wheat, dashes of dead fish or pinches of sweat from overheated tourists in the smell.

    “It’s like when you go up to the falls and get in close with the mist coming at your face,” she said.

    Niagara Go-Karts in Summer 2011

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    If you travel into or out of Niagara Falls in the direction of Fort Erie/Buffalo, then you have driven by Niagara Go-Karts. Since it isn’t in the main tourist districts of Falls Avenue, Clifton Hill, or Fallsview Blvd, you may not have considered it, but you should. A week or so ago I went there with my family, and we spent a couple of hours mini-putting and driving the go-karts. It was a lot of fun, and the prices are surprisingly reasonable.

    We started off with the mini-putt. It is a “classic” course with solid wood edges so you can bank the shots. Nice! The course looks like it was recently cleaned up, but there is still some work to do with the shrubery. Some of them are overgrown and make it difficult to position yourself to hit the ball. The holes are mostly par 2, with a few par 3. None of us are “pros”, but we do mini-putt quite a bit, and none of us got a hole in one. That shows that it is fun, but not too easy. There are several large animals around the course including giraffes, elephants, a zebra and a gorilla. My three kids insisted on getting their pictures taken with each one. Other than the bushes I mentioned earlier, the only other complain I would have would be about the sound. Since the course is located right beside the highway, and it is part of the go-kart complex, you hear nothing but engines. Obviously there is nothing that can be done about this, as it goes with the territory. There is music playing in the background which tries to drown out the engines, but you can still hear them. I suppose if you go there, you should expect it.

    Perhaps one of the most appealing things about the mini-putt is the price. You can purchase an all-day pass on the Niagara Go-Karts web site for only $4 plus tax.

    I’ve only been in a go-kart once before (it felt like I was sitting on a lawnmower), so I don’t have much to compare it with. When we were down in Orlando in March, I went around the Kissimmee Go-Karts track once for free. Niagara Go-Karts was definitely better. The karts run better, and I definitely felt safer in the Niagara Go-Karts go-kart than down in Florida. In fact, while were there a man was regularly checking the karts. If it matters to you, Niagara Go-Karts also tries to be hygienic. You have to wear a helmet, and they provide hairnets for you to wear.

    There are two different types of go-karts. There is a two seater “family” kart where you can take kids with you. You only pay for one person, as the passenger rides for free. I drove with my 7-year-old son, my wife drove with my 3-year-old daughter, and my sister drove with my 9-year-old son. We all had a blast. The track is 1 KM long, and weaves a lot. This can be a lot of fun as you go fast around the bends. You can go as slow as you want, or go as fast as the karts will go. My sister and I drove as fast as we could, while my wife drive as slow as she could. We joked with her afterwards that the carts might not have ever gone slower! There is obviously a one seater that you can drive as well. I did a couple of laps with my son and then did a few laps on my own in one of the faster one seater karts.

    The standard price this summer for laps is 6 laps for $22. However, if you buy online you get 4 more laps free. There is also a package with those 10 laps as well as mini-putt for only $25.

    They used to sell hot food in the building where you pay for your tickets, but they don’t any more. They just sell simple snack foods and drinks. There is a small arcade there, as well as washrooms. My wife was pleased that the washrooms were very clean. The customer services was very good. No one was rude, and the young man who got us our putters and tickets was very nice. The only general complaint about the complex is that since it open air, they allow people to smoke on the properly. If I am breathing in the fumes from the karts, maybe I shouldn’t be concerned about second-hand smoke at that point, but I still didn’t like the smell.

    Overall, we had a great time. In fact, a few days later we drove past the complex, and my daughter was already asking when we could go again. Also, my sister has already planned another trip. We had a great time!

    I took some pictures of both the miniature golf course and the go-kart racetrack. As always, you can see some of the thumbnails below, and you can see all of them along with the larger versions in the Niagara Go-karts in Summer 2011 gallery.

    As a side note, there are now 3,284 images in 257 galleries in the Niagara Falls Image Gallery.

    I also made a video of some of the miniature golf course and the go-kart track. I filmed it in HD, so be sure to look for that when you watch in on YouTube. You can also see the video embedded below.

    My video doesn’t show the carts very well, but there is a promo video that you can see at http://www.gokartsniagara.com/video/

    Jimmy Buffett serves up entertainment at Falls restaurant


    From the Niagara Falls Review:

    Customers at Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville were given an added treat that wasn’t on the menu on Tuesday.

    Buffett stopped by his namesake restaurant Tuesday.

    He spent about an hour at the Fallsview Boulevard restaurant, greeting staff and customers.

    He took to the stage around 5 p.m. and played a few signature tunes.

    Some observations about the new Niagara Falls Margaritaville


    As I tweeted last week, I stopped by the new Niagara Falls location of Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville. I walked all through the restaurant to check it out. I haven’t eaten there yet, but here are some observations:

    • They did a very nice job fixing up that building.
    • It has a definite “island” theme to it. The decorations, wall coverings, and sets all definitely give you a “vacation” feel.
    • The stage is smaller than I thought, but still looks like it has everything they need.
    • I’ve been told that there are 3 bands playing each day.
    • When I was by, there were two guys out on one of the patios playing, with one of them playing a steel drum. I love that sound!
    • There are 4 patios of various sizes.
    • I saw a girl on stilts making balloon shapes for people.
    • The extension of the building that was put on the Fallsview Blvd side is their gift shop.
    • There is a nice projector system that shows a very large waterfall
    • I’ve been told that their hamburger meal is around $13, where competitors (Hard Rock, Planet Hollywood) is closer to $16

    Overall, I’m very, very impressed. It seems to be a much better fit that the Wolfgang Puck restaurant.

    As of now, the only negative thing I’d say, is that you can’t see inside the restaurant at all from the outside. That seems like a shame. You can’t really see at all how cool it is until you walk in. That seems to be a mistake as they miss quite a bit of walking traffic if people aren’t familiar with the restaurant chain.

    I don’t know when I’ll have a chance to go and eat there, but I’m looking forward to it.

    Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville, the Newest Niagara Falls Restaurant, Opens Friday, June 18 on Fallsview Boulevard

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    From a PR Web press release:

    Margaritaville Canada Ltd. announced today that the much anticipated grand opening of their first Canadian restaurant in Niagara Falls, Ontario was greeted by thousands of adoring fans of the popular escapist dining concept. “We’re extremely excited to open our first Canadian location just in time for the summer season in this magnificent landmark destination,” said George Davidson, President and CEO of Margaritaville Canada. “We hope that our Margaritaville Cafe will become a ‘must see’ experience for both locals as well as tourists visiting the Niagara region.”

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