New (human) sundial clock at Doubletree Niagara Falls

I recently heard that the Doubletree Niagara Falls has added a sundial to one of their green spaces. Apparently it is a one where you stand in the right spot and your shadow tells the time. here is the information:

Sundials come in a wide range of different types, though by far one of the most interactive and fun is the Human Sundial which uses a person’s own shadow to show the correct time! DoubleTree Niagara Falls recently installed a Human Sun Dial Clock in it’s newly created green space with-in the city, on Fallsview Blvd. A great teaching tool for students and a curiosity teaser for young and old. DoubleTree Niagara Falls is a full service 224 room hotel located just two short blocks from the brink of the Falls, 400 yards to Fallsview Casino Resort.



I’ll definitely make time to check it out one day when I am on my walk.

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