It’s on like Comic Con

From the Niagara Falls Review: Fonz will be in the house. So will Mini-Me, the Hulk and Johnny Drama. They’re all part of the city’s biggest pop culture bash, taking over the Scotiabank Convention Centre June 3 to 5. And for Chris Dabrowski, co-organizer and co-founder of the Niagara Falls Comic Con, it never feels…

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The story of the Niagara River: The water wonder of the world

From the Globe and Mail: Oscar Wilde, Richard Nixon, Pierre Trudeau, Marilyn Monroe, Winston Churchill, Shirley Temple, Abraham Lincoln, Mark Twain, Charles Blondin, Wild Bill Hickok, Laura Secord, H.G. Wells, Charles Dickens, Helen Keller, Sir Harry Oakes, Jimmy Stewart, Princess Diana … Bit characters all – in a story in which the main character has…

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New Niagara Falls Tourism Shuttle Connects Attractions

From ABC News: Tourists visiting Niagara Falls will soon have a new way to see the sites. The new “Discover Niagara” shuttle service will offer transportation from Niagara Falls State Park to 14 destination sites along the 14-mile route to Old Fort Niagara, located where the Niagara River empties in Lake Ontario. The Discover Niagara…

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