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    Niagara Falls: Mother Nature at close range is not just for honeymooners video

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    From Stuff (New Zealand):

    With all the rules in life – chew with your mouth closed, don’t talk to strangers, look both ways before you cross the street – there’s another that should probably be added to the list: don’t propose to your girlfriend while 170 million litres of water a minute is hurtling over a 52m precipice next to you.

    I can see why the young German backpacker thought it might be a good idea: get down on bended knee as the catamaran approaches Niagara’s Horseshoe Falls and his beloved will be so overawed by the majesty of the spectacle, she’ll have to say yes.

    But when you get this close to one of the seven natural wonders of the world, it’s a little like being in the spin cycle of a washing machine.

    A flood of metaphor set in a dying Rust Belt resort

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    From the New Orleans Advocate:

    For many Americans, Niagara Falls exists only in imagination or memory. It’s nearly effortless to conjure up images of the towering, majestic falls and the great rush of water, images often inspired by picture-perfect postcards or by distant recollections of a long-ago honeymoon.

    But for residents of Niagara Falls, New York, the reality is much bleaker. Despite the famous falls, Niagara Falls is a Rust Belt town that has been on the decline since the 1960s. It’s the sight of dangerous toxic waste dumps, and it’s one of the country’s top destinations for suicides, right up there with San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge.

    “Niagara Falls,” a new play by Justin Maxwell, running through Feb. 5 (with additional dates to be announced) at The Theatre at St. Claude, blends fantasy and fact in an effort to capture the dark, dying essence of a once-great piece of American real estate.

    A visit to Niagara Falls USA

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    From the Norwalk Reflector:

    My wife, Jodie, and I are celebrating our 20th anniversary.

    We were married Aug. 3, 1996 and honeymooned in early October of that year, taking an East Coast cruise that included stops in Rhode Island, Maine and Nova Scotia before returning to New York City.

    So to celebrate our 20th, we decided to take another early October trip that would include water, beautiful scenery and the onset of fall foliage. We went to Niagara Falls.

    Natural Wonder: Niagara Falls Quiz

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    From HowStuffWorks.com:

    All that majesty, power and water didn’t stop Oscar Wilde from quipping about Niagara Falls being the second disappointment in the married life of many American brides who spend their honeymoon there, after he visited it in 1882. Can’t please everyone? Take this quiz to see how much you know about the natural feature.

    I took the quiz and got 26 out of 30.


    “Canada” (including Niagara Falls)

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    04_Boyle, Harry J - Canada - 20160709_104306

    At another store, I recently saw this book from 1978 called Canada which includes an introduction by Harry J Boyle (apparently he was a famous CBC broadcaster). The book has information about different parts of Canada and there was a section about Niagara Falls:

    Niagara Falls, where the mighty Niagara River plunges over the escarpment into a deep gorge, is one of the world’s most spectacular shows of natural beauty. The Canadian Horseshoe Falls measures 671 metres across and are an impressive 54 metres high. First described by a priest who travelled with La Salle, the Rev. Louis Hennepin, the falls have attracted honeymooners, stunt-men and tourists since the early 1800’s. The river also provides, at this point, much of the hydro-electric power for Ontario and New York.

    01_Boyle, Harry J - Canada - 20160709_102319_001

    02_Boyle, Harry J - Canada - 20160709_102331_001

    This shot of the Falls is great, as the only building you see is the Tower Hotel. There were no other big buildings at all.

    03_Boyle, Harry J - Canada - 20160709_102339_001

    06_Boyle, Harry J - Canada - 20160709_104342

    05_Boyle, Harry J - Canada - 20160709_104338

    Why Isn’t Niagara Falls Known As The Most Romantic Place In America

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    From MTV News:

    I just got married, which entailed many big decisions: What to wear? What to serve? Whom to invite? Holy s–t, do I really want to get married?!

    But perhaps there was no bigger decision than where to go for our honeymoon. My wife and I considered South American hotspots like Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro, tropical locales like Antigua and Aruba, or even a long flight to Africa or Asia.

    One place we did NOT consider whatsoever? Niagara Falls. Who would possibly honeymoon in a spot most famous for having a stupid waterfall and confusing people as to whether it’s in America or Canada?

    A New Niagara Falls Blogger


    Hello, Niagara fans! I’m so excited that Graham has allowed me to take part in his blog! Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am Karen, and I live In Pittsburgh, PA. I am a longtime follower of this blog. I am also a longtime Niagara tourist. Go figure. I won’t say how long. It’s only fair – I don’t know how old YOU are. Let’s just say my first visit was before Casinos, the Festival of Lights, and Maple Leaf Village (but after Marilyn Monroe).

    If any of that last sentence made sense to you – you’ll enjoy my future posts about the past. If THAT last sentence made sense to you – more power to you. I think I just distorted the space-time continuum. If none of that made sense to you, let’s just skip it and you can enjoy my future posts about the present.

    Nevermind…. please keep reading.

    Back to my favorite vacation spot. If you can call it that. Niagara is really more of a second home for myself and my family. Let me tell you how it all began…

    No – that’s not me. But meet my Mom and Dad – the couple that started it all. Look up classic early 60’s style and you’ll find these pictures. They celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on September 1st. Who knew back in September 1962, TWO love stores were beginning? One with each other, and one with Niagara.

    I scanned these out of their wedding album. Before you ask…… no – I was not a honeymoon baby. I am the middle child of three that came a few years after the honeymoon. The fact that neither I nor my brothers were actually conceived at the Falls has not diminished our bond with the area. My siblings and I have continued to visit the Falls countless times with various combinations of family and friends over the years. But more on that to come in future posts about the past, present and future.

    I want to dedicate my first post to my Mom and Dad. Their honeymoon spot became our family tradition, but their honeymoon never ended. Congratulations, Mom and Dad on your 50th anniversary!

    Niagara Falls – Like Grandpa Used to Love

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    From the San Diego Reader:

    My grandfather was born in what is now the Ukraine, but was then known as Czarist Russia. When he later emigrated to the U.S. and got married to my grandmother, he wanted to go on a honeymoon that was classically American. Then, as now, the place to go was Niagara Falls.

    I didn’t even know he went there until he asked me to edit the autobiography he wrote at the age of 98.

    Niagara Falls keeping the honeymoon alive

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    From the Welland Tribune:

    The king-size, blue-velvet vibrating bed was just the start of Dave and Sandy Carson’s classic Niagara Falls honeymoon. But when the vibrating bed wouldn’t shut off after they put in a few quarters, the novelty wore off quickly. They had to unplug it.

    Now retired and living in Fort Erie, they still have fond memories of the honeymoon they took 30 years ago in August.

    They met in a bar in 1980 in Petawawa, northwest of Ottawa. Dave was a 22-year-old bombardier in an artillery regiment. Sandy, 24, ran a variety store.

    They were married Aug. 22, 1981, and drove to Niagara Falls the day after their military ceremony.

    Sandy had never been to Niagara Falls, and a visit there was affordable on a soldier’s salary.

    Back then, the city was still considered an exotic location, and their visit earned them “bragging rights,” Sandy said.

    Falls wants a royal visit

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    From Niagara This Week:

    City council wants Prince William and his bride-to-be Kate Middleton to make Niagara Falls a top choice on their upcoming trip to Canada.

    The city issued a preliminary invitation to the couple in late 2010, but talk of a summer honeymoon across the pond has council buzzing about the chance of a royal visit.

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