“Canada Land of Many Dreams” book

Here is another book I saw at Renewed Thrift & Vintage in Welland, Ontario (see here and here for the other postings). It’s called Canada Land of Many Dreams (ISBN 0862830842) by Robyn Johl. There were several nice photos and this paragraph: One of the most awe inspiring sights in Canada is that of hundreds of gallons of water cascading over…

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Award-Winning Journalist Pens Book On Niagara Falls Daredevils

From Niagara at Large: Few jounalists I know have captured the power, the drama the beauty and theatrics in and around one of the world’s most scenic wonders – the Great Falls of Niagara – with as much passion and insight as Michael Clarkson. So it makes all the sense in the world that Michael…

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“Visions of Canada” (including Niagara Falls)

At another store, I recently saw this book called Visions of Canada. It is a collection of stories and essays about different parts of Canada. The section about Niagara Falls is from novelist Nathaniel Hawthorne‘s visit in 1832 (but not published until 1835). Oh, that I had never heard of Niagara till I beheld it!…

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