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    “25 Places in Canada Every Family Should See” book

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    The other day I was at Coles book store in the Pen Centre where I was browsing the Canadiana books (there were lots of them because of the Canada 150 celebration). One that caught my eye was 25 Places in Canada Every Family Should See by Jody Robbins. As expected, there was a Niagara Falls section.

    “Fodor’s Great American Vacations: 25 Affordable Trips to the USA’s Best-Loved Destinations” book

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    When I was at Value Village the other day, I also found the Fodor’s Great American Vacations: 25 Affordable Trips to the USA’s Best-Loved Destinations book. It has 13 pages of information about Niagara Falls (page 226 to 238).

    “The Story of Canada” book

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    A couple of weeks ago my wife and I went to Value Village in Niagara Falls. I looked in the book section, and found this old book called Story of Canada. There was one small reference to Niagara Falls. Apparently some of the Fathers of Confederation went to Niagara Falls after working out the details of confederation.

    “Canada Land of Many Dreams” book

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    Here is another book I saw at Renewed Thrift & Vintage in Welland, Ontario (see here and here for the other postings). It’s called Canada Land of Many Dreams (ISBN 0862830842) by Robyn Johl. There were several nice photos and this paragraph:

    One of the most awe inspiring sights in Canada is that of hundreds of gallons of water cascading over the 150 foot drop at Niagara Falls. The first man to write of the Falls was Jean-Louis Hennepin in 1678, who called them a “prodigious cadence of water.” Since 1800 honeymooners and holidaymakers alike have flocked to see the falls in their thousands to view the great beauty and grandeur of this natural wonder.

    “Canada in Pictures” book

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    Here is another book I saw at Renewed Thrift & Vintage in Welland, Ontario (see here for the other posting). It’s called Canada in Pictures (ISBN 0822546795) by Eric Braun. There wasn’t much information about Niagara Falls, other than this two-page photo.

    “Canada: A Symphony in Color” book

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    Whenever I go into a second-hand store like Goodwill or Value Village, I check out the book section to see if there are any books that mention Niagara Falls. There is a place called Renewed Thrift & Vintage in Welland, Ontario that I was in recently. There were several older books that I thought I would post about.

    This book is called Canada A Symphony in Color (ISBN 0862834287). The book is over 30 years old, as you can tell by the photos. There were several photos of Niagara Falls, but not really any specific information about the falls.

    Award-Winning Journalist Pens Book On Niagara Falls Daredevils

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    From Niagara at Large:

    Few jounalists I know have captured the power, the drama the beauty and theatrics in and around one of the world’s most scenic wonders – the Great Falls of Niagara – with as much passion and insight as Michael Clarkson.

    So it makes all the sense in the world that Michael Clarkson has written a book on the many daredevils that have tempted fate in the roaring waters of the Falls.

    “Visions of Canada” (including Niagara Falls)

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    At another store, I recently saw this book called Visions of Canada. It is a collection of stories and essays about different parts of Canada. The section about Niagara Falls is from novelist Nathaniel Hawthorne‘s visit in 1832 (but not published until 1835).

    Oh, that I had never heard of Niagara till I beheld it! Blessed were the wanderers of old, who heard its deep roar, sounding through the woods, as the summons to an unknown wonder, and approached its awful brink, in all the freshness of native feeling. Had its own mysterious voice been the first to warn me of its existence, then, indeed, I might have knelt down and worshipped. But I had come thither, haunted with a vision of foam and fury, and dizzy cliffs, and an ocean tumbling down out of the sky–a scene, in short, which nature had too much good taste and calm simplicity to realize. My mind had struggled to adapt these false conceptions to the reality, and finding the effort vain, a wretched sense of disappointment weighed me down. I climbed the precipice, and threw myself on the earth–feeling that I was unworthy to look at the Great Falls, and careless about beholding them again…

    All that night, as there has been and will be, for ages past and to come, a rushing sound was heard, as if a great tempest were sweeping through the air. It mingled with my dreams, and made them full of storm and whirlwind. Whenever I awoke, and heard this dread sound in the air, and the windows rattling as with a mighty blast, I could not rest again, till, looking forth, I saw how bright the stars were, and that every leaf in the garden was motionless. Never was a summer-night more calm to the eye, nor a gale of autumn louder to the ear. The rushing sound proceeds from the rapids, and the rattling of the casements is but an effect of the vibration of the whole house, shaken by the jar of the cataract. The noise of the rapids draws the attention from the true voice of Niagara, which is a dull, muffled thunder, resounding between the cliffs. I spent a wakeful hour at midnight, in distinguishing its reverberations, and rejoiced to find that my former awe and enthusiasm were reviving.

    Gradually, and after much contemplation, I came to know, by my own feelings, that Niagara is indeed a wonder of the world, and not the less wonderful, because time and thought must be employed in comprehending it.




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