A New Niagara Falls Blogger

Hello, Niagara fans! I’m so excited that Graham has allowed me to take part in his blog! Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am Karen, and I live In Pittsburgh, PA. I am a longtime follower of this blog. I am also a longtime Niagara tourist. Go figure. I won’t say how long. It’s only fair – I don’t know how old YOU are. Let’s just say my first visit was before Casinos, the Festival of Lights, and Maple Leaf Village (but after Marilyn Monroe).

If any of that last sentence made sense to you – you’ll enjoy my future posts about the past. If THAT last sentence made sense to you – more power to you. I think I just distorted the space-time continuum. If none of that made sense to you, let’s just skip it and you can enjoy my future posts about the present.

Nevermind…. please keep reading.

Back to my favorite vacation spot. If you can call it that. Niagara is really more of a second home for myself and my family. Let me tell you how it all began…

No – that’s not me. But meet my Mom and Dad – the couple that started it all. Look up classic early 60’s style and you’ll find these pictures. They celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on September 1st. Who knew back in September 1962, TWO love stores were beginning? One with each other, and one with Niagara.

I scanned these out of their wedding album. Before you ask…… no – I was not a honeymoon baby. I am the middle child of three that came a few years after the honeymoon. The fact that neither I nor my brothers were actually conceived at the Falls has not diminished our bond with the area. My siblings and I have continued to visit the Falls countless times with various combinations of family and friends over the years. But more on that to come in future posts about the past, present and future.

I want to dedicate my first post to my Mom and Dad. Their honeymoon spot became our family tradition, but their honeymoon never ended. Congratulations, Mom and Dad on your 50th anniversary!

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