Still powerful: Niagara Falls may have lost some luster, but you’ll get misty nonetheless

From the Columbus Dispatch: Mother Nature still rules at Niagara, although her crown has lost some luster. The Niagara of today is far different from the Niagara encountered by the first European explorers. The parking is a lot trickier, for one. And the food is better now, for the most part. The falls also flow…

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Niagara Falls (USA) website

A couple of weeks ago I received an email from a visitor that I figured I’d include here: I thought this site might be of interest to the blog readers, it gives some details on efforts to get people to move into/do business in Niagara Falls USA: Also, the new Culinary Center in the…

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Marineland stormed by protesters

Sounds there was quite a bit of excitement at Marineland on Sunday! From the Toronto Star: The last day of Marineland’s operating season drew hundreds of protesters outside the Niagara tourist attraction’s gates on Sunday and escalated when about 150 people stormed inside, yelling “shut it down.” Organizers said they hadn’t planned to enter the…

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