Niagara Falls keeping the honeymoon alive

From the Welland Tribune:

The king-size, blue-velvet vibrating bed was just the start of Dave and Sandy Carson’s classic Niagara Falls honeymoon. But when the vibrating bed wouldn’t shut off after they put in a few quarters, the novelty wore off quickly. They had to unplug it.

Now retired and living in Fort Erie, they still have fond memories of the honeymoon they took 30 years ago in August.

They met in a bar in 1980 in Petawawa, northwest of Ottawa. Dave was a 22-year-old bombardier in an artillery regiment. Sandy, 24, ran a variety store.

They were married Aug. 22, 1981, and drove to Niagara Falls the day after their military ceremony.

Sandy had never been to Niagara Falls, and a visit there was affordable on a soldier’s salary.

Back then, the city was still considered an exotic location, and their visit earned them “bragging rights,” Sandy said.

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