Niagara One to spruce up for tourists

From the Buffalo News: With the beginning of a new tourist season only a few months away, the owners of One Niagara plan to begin sprucing up the property as soon as next week. The building is in one of downtown’s most prominent locations. “We’re going to swing into operation right away; we’re ready to…

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Blogging to rescue Falls from its declineF

From the Buffalo News: Over the years, Daniel Davis grew increasingly disturbed and perplexed by the cycle of failed and displaced development initiatives, the flight of industry and the overall economic malaise that inevitably brought his hometown, brimming with so much potential, to its knees. But family and career responsibilities left him no time for…

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Niagara Falls keeping the honeymoon alive

From the Welland Tribune: The king-size, blue-velvet vibrating bed was just the start of Dave and Sandy Carson’s classic Niagara Falls honeymoon. But when the vibrating bed wouldn’t shut off after they put in a few quarters, the novelty wore off quickly. They had to unplug it. Now retired and living in Fort Erie, they…

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