Another Marineland update

I have a blog visitor who loves Marineland. This person sends me an update every now and then to let me know what is going on. This is the latest update:

  • Dock, Oceanna and Skyla’s calf of 2011, Scoot are confirmed deceased
  • Births: 2 boys; Frankie to Sierra, X4 to Xena,
  • Births: 2 girls; Luna to Lillooet, G4 to Gemini
  • Names: Luna- Lillooet’s calf, Frankie- Sierra’s calf, Uba- Jubilee’s calf from 2011
  • Gender confirmation: Uba is female
  • Kiska is possibly being trained for AI( see video link):
  • Tofino and Charmin are replacing the dolphin ballet eventually, meaning a dolphin habitat may be in the works
  • Another Arctic Cove is speculated, along with harbor seal and sealion habitats to be in works
  • Kiska is constantly being cared for, very spoilt and her health is infact very healthy despite her losses
  • Interesting facts: Tank (Acadia’s calf of 2011) was rejected early on yet she accepted him prior to 2012 season, unlike SeaWorld’s/ Loro Parque’s Kohana and Adan
  • Uba is very independant for her age and babysits, alot like her older sister Jellybean, is the latest calf of any year (October)
  • Other: Topple Tower being shut down, Hurricane Cove renovation, Sky Hawk and Flying Dragon get stuck on occassion

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