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    Another Marineland update

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    I have a blog visitor who loves Marineland. This person sends me an update every now and then to let me know what is going on. This is the latest update:

    • Dock, Oceanna and Skyla’s calf of 2011, Scoot are confirmed deceased
    • Births: 2 boys; Frankie to Sierra, X4 to Xena,
    • Births: 2 girls; Luna to Lillooet, G4 to Gemini
    • Names: Luna- Lillooet’s calf, Frankie- Sierra’s calf, Uba- Jubilee’s calf from 2011
    • Gender confirmation: Uba is female
    • Kiska is possibly being trained for AI( see video link): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ntEUq2lJOAs
    • Tofino and Charmin are replacing the dolphin ballet eventually, meaning a dolphin habitat may be in the works
    • Another Arctic Cove is speculated, along with harbor seal and sealion habitats to be in works
    • Kiska is constantly being cared for, very spoilt and her health is infact very healthy despite her losses
    • Interesting facts: Tank (Acadia’s calf of 2011) was rejected early on yet she accepted him prior to 2012 season, unlike SeaWorld’s/ Loro Parque’s Kohana and Adan
    • Uba is very independant for her age and babysits, alot like her older sister Jellybean, is the latest calf of any year (October)
    • Other: Topple Tower being shut down, Hurricane Cove renovation, Sky Hawk and Flying Dragon get stuck on occassion

    New Marineland Ride – Ocean Odyssey


    As was mentioned before, Marineland will have a new ride this summer. Their web site has the following:

    Ocean Odyssey – Opening Soon! – new, family thrill ride. (42″ unless with adult. Minimum height requirement is 36″).

    I haven’t seen the ride, but I’ve come across a couple of things that shed a bit more light on it. The first one was a flyer that everyone in the Niagara Region received recently. One page had a very large picture of Ocean Odyssey.

    Also, during the last week of school, my son went to Marineland and brought home the map.

    It shows where the new ride will be. It is across the way from Hurricane Cove and the Flying Dragon. It was a wooded area, so they must have cut out some trees to make room for the ride.

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