New Marineland Ride – Ocean Odyssey


    As was mentioned before, Marineland will have a new ride this summer. Their web site has the following:

    Ocean Odyssey – Opening Soon! – new, family thrill ride. (42″ unless with adult. Minimum height requirement is 36″).

    I haven’t seen the ride, but I’ve come across a couple of things that shed a bit more light on it. The first one was a flyer that everyone in the Niagara Region received recently. One page had a very large picture of Ocean Odyssey.

    Also, during the last week of school, my son went to Marineland and brought home the map.

    It shows where the new ride will be. It is across the way from Hurricane Cove and the Flying Dragon. It was a wooded area, so they must have cut out some trees to make room for the ride.

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    1. I have been to Marineland a few times this year, and the ride (like all Marineland construction) is progressing slowly. It looks 90% complete, so I imagine it will be completed very shortly.

      A few more things I noticed. First, the Magic Bear ride has been closed for repairs every time I have been. Today, they had a few motors taken out of it. No idea when it will be back.

      Secondly, I have only seen one Orca in Friendship cove. I could hear a second one in the third tank, but it is not accessible to the public.


    3. I was at Marineland today and the Ocean Odyssey ride was open. Not to impressed. It’s essentially the same as the space ship ride in the Kiddie rides, except water is below you, and you can’t spin around. I’ll post a link to a video I took of it soon.

      The magic bear ride looked even worse. It had even more motors ripped out of it, but they did appear to be working on it. I have yet to see it open this season.

    4. I’m going to Marineland on june 16th so Exitctied!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5. I was at Marineland yesterday June 16 2011. I must the the Marineland of old was much more exciting. It’s been several years closer to like a dozen since I have been last. Some of my best memories of the place were the main show. But alas that’s gone now. Seems the biggest part of the show is a helper who cleans up the stage. Regardless, my 3 year old loved the place as she could go on many of the rides. We were hoping that they had a splash pad for her to spend some time, but once again disappointed. I’m sure i could find a dozen or more pictures from when we were kids about what has negatively changed. Feeding the fish means feeding carp. They say there are other fish in the feeding pond but not that i could find. Their aquarium building was again maybe 3 or 4 types of exotic fish and the rest being Koi or carp. Rather dull.

      I will go again but only for my 3 year old to enjoy the rides and to see the killer whales.

      All in all still a fun day.

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