Bravo! Pizzeria + Grill opening soon


    They have done a lot of work on the old Capri Restaurant building. It’s hard to believe it is the same place! I don’t know when they will be opening, but it will be very soon. Virtually everything on the outside and inside look done.

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    1. I still cannot believe the Capri is gone, but looking at that building, it’s hard to believe it ever existed in that spot !

    2. bravo is finally open and WOW it was soooo good!!! i would Reccommend everyone i talk to to go and try it out…. it was phenominal!

    3. Just came back from Bravo…what a disappointment. But considering these are the people who own “My Cousin Vinny’s, and AJMac’s Buffet Restuarant..what else was I expecting.

      How can you go wrong with simple pizzas!!!
      Came to the table uncooked, then came back a second time cooked a bit more, but absolutely tasteless.

      Waitstaff, management, and kitchen need some of HK.

    4. I assure you that now if you were to eat there that would not happen again… Bravo was going through staff changes in the beginning… But now they have solid staff and people that love their jobs and do them well.

    5. Best greek salad ever. Everything was cooked with perfection. We will go back there everytime we come to Niagara. We come to Niagara Falls every year in March.

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