Few Falls attractions, but lots of competition for space

From the Buffalo News: Mickey Singh can look out the window of his family’s Niagara Street restaurant and measure the kind of day he’s going to have by the number of cars in the parking lot across the street. If cars are packed in like sardines and wrapped around the One Niagara building, he knows…

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Bring GO to Niagara Falls, says Region

From the Niagara Falls Review: Regional council has asked GO Transit to find a way to extend daily train service to Niagara Falls. Metrolinx, the provincial agency in charge of GO Transit, is studying a possible expansion of the popular commuter service into Niagara. GO is looking at four different expansion routes, including one that…

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Filming “Covert Affairs” at Dave & Buster’s on Clifton Hill in Niagara Falls

This morning I tweeted about some filming going on at the Dave & Buster’s on Clifton Hill. I’ve asked around, and this is what I’ve found it. The filming was for the TV show called Covert Affairs. The show is on the USA Network (not sure who is showing it in Canada and filming is…

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