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    Bravo! Pizzeria + Grill opening soon


    They have done a lot of work on the old Capri Restaurant building. It’s hard to believe it is the same place! I don’t know when they will be opening, but it will be very soon. Virtually everything on the outside and inside look done.

    Pizza Deli (former Capri) Liquor License Application

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    As was mentioned here, the former Capri Restaurant is undergoing renovations and will open as a place called Pizza Deli. The only way we know this right now is from a notice in Wednesday’s Niagara Falls Review about a Liquor License Application. You can see the notice below (taken with my cell phone camera). It’s a bit blurry, but you get the idea.

    Building for sale beside Capri at corner of Ferry St and Fallsview Blvd


    I think I’ve posted or tweeted before about the large building at the corner of Ferry St and Fallsview Blvd. It has been empty for as long as I can remember, and recently some work was being done on it. It has a large for sale sign on it.

    Someone emailed me a link to the realtor site, and they have a nice artists rendering of what could be done on the property. Remember, the property is for sale, and I guess they did this so that a prospective buyer could envision what might be done.

    Note: To see a larger picture, visit the realtor web site and view the listing PDF

    As a side note, it mentions in the listing that it is beside the “established Capri Restaurant”. As we know, the Capri isn’t so established anymore…

    There is even an artist rendering which looks a lot better than what’s there now… but then again anything would look better.

    The Capri closes doors after 55 years

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    From the Niagara Falls Review:

    The Capri Restaurant on Ferry Street was closed to the public Tuesday and its furnishing have been removed.

    But what led to the closure – and whether it’s a permanent or temporary situation – is unclear.

    Marisa Alfieri-Hay, daughter of business founder the late Sam Alfieri, was inside the restaurant Tuesday afternoon but declined comment.

    “I can’t say anything to the newspaper right now because of legal reasons,” Alfieri-Hay said.

    Instead, she said she hopes to publish a letter to their customers in the near future explaining the circumstances.

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