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    Sparks Steakhouse and Maharaja Grand replaces Beef Baron


    I make it to a lot of places in the Niagara Falls tourist district, but sometimes I miss the obvious. A perfect example…
    I have been seeing signs around for Sparks Steakhouse, and never paid much attention to them. Then recently, while I was walking along Centre St, I noticed that the Beef Baron was no longer called Beef Baron. It is now Sparks Steakhouse and Maharaja Grand.

    The Beef Baron website does not say that it is closed permanently. It says it is closed for renovations.


    I don’t know if I ever ate at Beef Baron, but my parents had, and my father loved it. I’m sure Sparks and Maharaja Grand are both very nice as well.



    Man’s fall shuts down Rainbow Bridge lanes

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    From the Niagara Falls Review:

    A major international bridge in the Niagara Falls’ tourist district closed its U.S.-bound lanes for two hours Sunday after a man tumbled into the gorge.

    Niagara Falls firefighters on the Canadian side of the border parked their aerial truck on the Rainbow Bridge and rescued a 25-year-old man from below.

    “He got hauled out of the gorge, up onto the top of the Rainbow Bridge where we transferred the care into EMS hands,” said Niagara Falls Fire Department platoon chief Pete Methner.

    Methner said the man had only minor injuries and was taken to hospital for assessment.

    Schumer Puts Shoulder Behind Wheel To Remove Robert Moses parkway

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    From WGRZ Channel 2 in Buffalo:

    The Robert Moses Parkway has long been viewed by some as a “concrete moat” between the city and its riverfront, and thus an impediment to potential economic development.

    But for just as long, its proposed removal has been mired in red tape according Falls Mayor Paul Dyster.

    “Sometimes people call it the ‘Peace Bridge’ of Niagara Falls,” Dyster remarked, in reference to the now decade long debate over building a new international border crossing between Buffalo, NY and Fort Erie, Ont.

    On Monday, U.S. Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) came to Niagara Falls to announce his support for the effort to remove the Robert Moses Parkway between John Daly Boulevard and Main Street and replace it with a park road, improving pedestrian access between the city’s South End tourist district and the waterfront, in hopes of sparking economic growth.

    Nightmares Fear Factory: The World’s Most Frightening Experience for Over 30 Years in Niagara Falls Canada

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    From a PRWeb press release seen on Yahoo! News:

    Nightmares Fear Factory, the longest-running haunted house in North America, features all new frightening effects for Halloween 2010, but to find out what the changes are visitors will have to observe it for themselves – or will they?!

    Nightmares Fear Factory, located in the Clifton Hill Tourist District in Niagara Falls (5631 Victoria Avenue), is a 15 minute walk-through attraction distinguished by its authentic ‘theatre of the mind’ experience; it preys on each visitor’s own fears and phobias. Some make it through, but some chicken out (106,828 to date: really!).

    UFO over Niagara Falls?


    From the Niagara Falls Review:

    What the heck were those lights in the sky Saturday night?

    That’s the question scores of Niagara Falls residents and tourists were left to ponder after seeing an unusual, spectral pattern in the night sky over the tourist district for a period between 9 p.m. and midnight.

    Some say the unidentified phenomenon looked like a metallic object hovering motionless and without sound.


    Brasa Brazilian Steakhouse Opening soon!


    As part of the massive Hilton expansion, a few new restaurants are also being added into the mix. Romano’s Macaroni Grill opened earlier this summer, and a sign just went up for the new Brasa Brazilian Steakhouse. No shortage of places to eat up in this tourist district now.

    Brasa Steakhouse

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