Sparks Steakhouse and Maharaja Grand replaces Beef Baron

I make it to a lot of places in the Niagara Falls tourist district, but sometimes I miss the obvious. A perfect example…
I have been seeing signs around for Sparks Steakhouse, and never paid much attention to them. Then recently, while I was walking along Centre St, I noticed that the Beef Baron was no longer called Beef Baron. It is now Sparks Steakhouse and Maharaja Grand.

The Beef Baron website does not say that it is closed permanently. It says it is closed for renovations.


I don’t know if I ever ate at Beef Baron, but my parents had, and my father loved it. I’m sure Sparks and Maharaja Grand are both very nice as well.



3 thoughts on “Sparks Steakhouse and Maharaja Grand replaces Beef Baron

  1. I thought that the name sounded familiar, and then I remembered. The restaurant on Victoria Ave., which is now the Outback, was called Sparks Steakhouse in one of its previous incarnations.

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