Brasa Brazilian Steakhouse Opening soon!

As part of the massive Hilton expansion, a few new restaurants are also being added into the mix. Romano’s Macaroni Grill opened earlier this summer, and a sign just went up for the new Brasa Brazilian Steakhouse. No shortage of places to eat up in this tourist district now.

Brasa Steakhouse

14 thoughts on “Brasa Brazilian Steakhouse Opening soon!

  1. We had dinner at Brasa’s last night and what a nice treat. The atmosphere overlooking the falls area was beautiful. Our server was very friendly and attentive. I am not a big eater but it was great to try so many wonderfully prepared foods…the Gouchos appeared out of nowhere exactly when they were supposed to! Very nice experience!

  2. It’s $46 per person. I have heard mixed reviews but generally OK. It’s at ground level, so the only view is of the Fallsview Casino across the street.

  3. Visited February 19, 2010. Fair food, very slow & poor service. Need to ask for everything, including plates and utensiles and if you want gauchos to return. I have been to many other Brazilian steak houses in and out of the US and this is just a bad reproduction. Great views if you can a window table.

  4. we are looking to reserve for sat jan 12 for 16 adults for 7:00 dinner. What is the fee per person and do you have availability.

  5. I just had a funny thought. You always hear about people showing up at hotels and restaurants, insisting that they have reservations but the place saying that they know nothing about it. Is this how that happens??

  6. my wife and i went there in june for dinner the service started out great and fell apart by the end the food was poor bland and not alot of hot foods in the buffet part mostly salads ive been to copa cabana many times it by far blows this place outta the water there food is better and service is way better and its cheaper we will never eat at brasa again!

  7. I went to braza with my friend since I have the gift certificate from my employer as I am the team member of the Hilton hotel. I realize the food wasn’t so good because the meat has no taste in it but very dry as it is overcooked. Except I only like the desserts better then mind as well go there for that instead of having dinner there. But the atomsphere overlooking the falls was good. As well as our server was friendly and attentive. But it was ok!

  8. Thanks this was helpful. I was going to ask how it compares to Copa, good to know. $49 seems really expensive.

  9. The price has gone down a little bit recently. $39.95 Sunday – Thursday, $45.95 Friday Saturday. Free valet parking is included.

  10. Never tried Skylon buffet, nor Copa Cabanna. But, I have been to Brasa on numerous occasions and enjoyed it every time. One thing to note, is that the best time to go is when it is busy. Always get the freshest meat then. When it is slow, they continue to push the same skewer of meat. If you go, try the deep fried bananas.

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