Proposed Hotel/Residential Condo development

As was first mentioned by Drafty about three weeks ago and posted here, there is an application regarding a proposed Official Plan policy to permit a future mixed use residential condominium/hotel development on the lands  of the former Loretto Educational Centre building. The proposal is consisting of 3 buildings with heights between 32 and 57…

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Discover Queen Street during Springlicious

From the Niagara Falls Review Last year, over 35,000 people were re-introduced to a revamped Queen Street during the inaugural Springlicious festival. “It was a big surprise,” said Don Weaver, owner of GPS Pursuits and chairman of Celebrate Old Downtown which is the special events wing of the downtown business association. “We didn’t realize there…

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The Seneca is Back

From the Niagara Falls Review Seneca Theater Rendering Close to 15 years after the curtain closed, the Seneca Theatre is back in business this week. And it took a savvy group of gypsies to pull it off. For nearly a year, Gypsy Theatre owners John Dalingwater and Bernadette Feeney have been transforming the abandoned former…

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Notice of Public Meeting

Regular contributor Drafty had mentioned here, that he saw in the Review on Saturday a notice of application for zoning change for redevelopment of the Loretto Academy property on June 8, 2009. The Public Notice board reads: ( To Permit a future mixed use residential condominium/hotel development on the land, consisting of 3 buildings with…

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