The Seneca is Back


    From the Niagara Falls Review

    Seneca Theater Rendering


    Close to 15 years after the curtain closed, the Seneca Theatre is back in business this week.

    And it took a savvy group of gypsies to pull it off.

    For nearly a year, Gypsy Theatre owners John Dalingwater and Bernadette Feeney have been transforming the abandoned former movie house into the city’s newest live theatre venue.

    The pay-off comes Thursday, when the Andrew Lloyd Webber classic Cats starts a four-week run, and a huge part of Queen Street’s revitalization gets underway.

    “I really feel part of a community on this street,” says Feeney, who started Gypsy Theatre with husband John 20 years ago in Fort Erie.

    “I truly believe (it will thrive). And the reason I believe that with all my heart is that every single business person (here) has passion for what they’re doing.

    “Because you enjoy what you’re doing, you put more into it.”

    The theatre is one of several Queen Street properties owned by Historic Niagara Development Inc., who have put just over $1 million into extensive renovations.

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    1. I worked at the Seneca during my teens, so I can’t wait to see what it looks like inside now. It’s great to have more live theatre options in the city, I sure hope it takes off.

    2. FANTASTIC NEWS!!!! I can’t wait to be a regular patron of the Seneca and I am so excited to finally see Cats! Niagara Falls needs more live venues! 🙂

    3. I was on Queen yesterday and it’s so exciting to see the changes. There were at least 3 or 4 building facades being worked on, the Seneca being one of them. The Buttery’s coming along nicely too. I can’t wait to see what they do with the Taps Brewery.

    4. Was anyone at the opening of “Cats” last night and where can I read a review of the performance. Was it a sellout and how is the seating (number, etc.)?

      • Hi, yes you can call us at 1-877-990-PLAY for ticket information and bookings! We are currently preforming Nunsense

        Nunsense July.16-August.12 *Shirley Valentine Aug.21-Sept.12 * Blood Brothers Sept-24-Nov.1 * Narnia Nov.19-Dec.20

        Warm Regards,
        Krysta LeBlanc
        Marketing Coordinator
        Gypsy Theatre

    5. If memory serves me right, I believe, it was at the Seneca Theatre almost 47 years ago, that my husband and I saw the epic “In Harm’s Way” one rainy evening on our Honeymoon!!!

    6. We went to see Cats last night. They have done an absolutely amazing job on the theatre. The lobby looks great. They have done tiered seating, with regular, padded theatre seats with about 4ft between rows, so you don’t even have to stand up to let people through.
      The production was excellent. As John Law said in the review, Cats is certainly not the epitome of theatre, but the cast (a very large one of all ages)was fabulous. And there is even a live band which was equally good.
      We’re looking forward to attending more of Gypsy’s productions and hope that word will get around about Niagara’s new treasure.

    7. CATS has been amazing to work on – the next show The Musical of Musicals The Musical is not as well known but is incredible – I hope people give it a chance – it is a spoof on musicals – the whole season is excellent – but the best part for me is being part of a bigger community that supports each other- QUEEN street is really supportive and alive with things to do and places to eat and drink –
      Balzacs coffee, mide bistro ( i was there for lunch) – Edwins carribean food – soon to visit the Buttery and TAPS – its all there – come out and play and visit the street –

    8. I will definitely support it Bernadette. My wife and I are planning to go see The Musical very soon. I love the changes going on downtown, and I will be heading downtown in the next couple of weeks to take pictures of some of the great changes going on. Keep up the great work, we all support what you are doing!!

    9. I will hopefully be seeing Cats this weekend and I sure look forward to the musical spoof! Will also try out some downtown food and see what’s new!

    10. hello again; just drove by the seneca queen theatre today – quite sad for me. We had an amazing season there in 2009 – but the owner of the company wants something different – so we will not be returning to Queen street. Still performing in Fort Erie at Gypsy Theatre – now in our 21st year! 905 871-4407

      hopefully someone will move in and love the space as much as we gave it –

    11. owner of the building – not gypsy theatre – just to clarify.
      sorry for confusion –
      but still soft spot for the building and the strong memories of the 6 productions that were born and performed there to great responses from the people of Niagara.

    12. That’s a shame Bernadette. Also good thing you cleared that line up owner of the building. What does the owner of the building want to do with that space? Live theatre is needed in Niagara Falls.

    13. StEC, what do you mean by closing. The only shows that were there were the Gypsy Theatre shows last year, and nothing since, so it is already closed in the sense that nothing has been going on there for some time. Historic Niagara still owns it and has a fashion show there in May, but that’s about it.

    14. But wasn’t a crap load of money poured into that building to turn it into a great live theatre venue? Just seems like a shame then that it could become something else we need live theatre in this city!

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