Niagara Getting Some Winter Love from Pittsburgh

Niagara Falls KDKA news segmentClick the photo or link below to view to a great local (well… if you’re from Pittsburgh) news segment/article about Niagara Falls in the winter.  Like the reporter who put together this piece, Niagara Falls is a place I have visited with my family and friends many times over the years.  After viewing it, I called my mom who I knew had also watched it. We agreed that it felt like he was talking about our hometown!

The only problem I have with the segment is that David Highfield “outed” our favorite breakfast spot – Falls Manor.  He calls it out for the price – but it is also the best breakfast in town (but I would have liked to keep that our little secret!)

Anyway, he did a nice job speaking about our “hometown”.  Happy viewing!

2 thoughts on “Niagara Getting Some Winter Love from Pittsburgh

  1. The way Mr. Highfield wrote this piece for the Pittsburgh local TV station, you would have thought that he interviewed us for his information!!! lol

  2. I still go for my walks every day along the parkway. I have to admit that it is very pretty, but I hate the snow!

    As for Falls Manor, after all these years, I’ve never eaten there. I’ll have to go sometime…

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