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    Niagara Getting Some Winter Love from Pittsburgh


    Niagara Falls KDKA news segmentClick the photo or link below to view to a great local (well… if you’re from Pittsburgh) news segment/article about Niagara Falls in the winter.  Like the reporter who put together this piece, Niagara Falls is a place I have visited with my family and friends many times over the years.  After viewing it, I called my mom who I knew had also watched it. We agreed that it felt like he was talking about our hometown!

    The only problem I have with the segment is that David Highfield “outed” our favorite breakfast spot – Falls Manor.  He calls it out for the price – but it is also the best breakfast in town (but I would have liked to keep that our little secret!)

    Anyway, he did a nice job speaking about our “hometown”.  Happy viewing!


    Do Niagara Falls On The Cheap With Winter Deals

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    From CBS Pittsburgh:

    Lots of people from our area visit Niagara Falls in the summer, but what about the winter?

    There are some great deals and more going on than you may realize. Plus, on the Canadian side the exchange rate helps a little, too.

    This picture’s worth millions

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    From Niagara This Week:

    Tim William’s brush with notoriety started rather simple.

    “I found someone with the same name on Twitter,” Williams said Tuesday. “Of course, I had to follow him.”

    It turns out his namesake worked for a CBS affiliate in Pittsburgh and when the American Williams tweeted that he hadn’t seen any pictures of a nearly frozen Niagara Falls during the recent deep freeze brought on by a polar vortex earlier this month, the Niagara Falls man lept into action.

    “I told him I could get one,” Williams said. “I said I live nearby.”…

    He grabbed his camera and headed out, snapped a few pictures and picked one out to send to his American counterpart…

    It was picked up by online outlets like the Huffington Post and at last count, had received five million hits and more than 100,000 shares on Facebook.

    New ad campaign looks to draw visitors to Niagara

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    From the Buffalo News (includes video):

    Attractions in the Niagara Falls area are highlighted as part of a media campaign running in six cities for the next six weeks.

    The Niagara Tourism and Convention Corp. kicked off a media campaign on Tuesday, it announced in its monthly e-newsletter.

    The campaign includes online, radio and TV ads, as well as on-air contests and promotions. Officials are targeting the Syracuse, Elmira, Pittsburgh, Erie, Pa., Cleveland and Columbus markets.

    “My Husband And I Are Planning To Visit Niagara Falls”

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    The following question (with submitted answers) was posted to The Pitt 10 web site:

    My Husband And I Are Planning To Visit Niagara Falls. How Far Is It From Buffalo Airport?
    What activities should we consider? We are only staying for 3 days before we continue our trip to Pittsburgh.
    Any recommendation for the hotels, restaurants, etc.?
    Is it best to go on guided tour or is it easy enough to explore it on our own? Thank you so much for your answers.

    WHAT THEY’RE SAYING: Writer defends U.S. side of falls

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    From The Journal-Register (in Medina, NY):

    A Pennsylvania writer took pains in a recent travel story to defend the American side of Niagara Falls, widely considered inferior to its Canadian counterpart.

    Jack Markowitz of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, in a story discussing the Cataract City, said that even with increased international border security, there is no need for Pennsylvanians to obtain passports to have fun in the Niagara Frontier.

    “The American side of the falls is unexpectedly better in some ways than the more celebrated Canadian (side),” he wrote.

    Vacation hits home on U.S. side of falls

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    From Pittsburgh Live:

    Vacations, it’s said, will be a casualty of the recession, a luxury easy to put off. But summer is a powerful incentive. People want to get somewhere else, if only for a day or two.

    As it happens, Pittsburgh is well-situated for the economy getaway.

    Within a half-day’s drive are destinations recreational, historical and marvelous, including one on everybody’s list of earthly wonders. Niagara Falls, of course.

    Haven’t all the famous travelers of the past 200 years made it their business to get to the falls at least once in their lives?

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