This picture’s worth millions

From Niagara This Week:

Tim William’s brush with notoriety started rather simple.

“I found someone with the same name on Twitter,” Williams said Tuesday. “Of course, I had to follow him.”

It turns out his namesake worked for a CBS affiliate in Pittsburgh and when the American Williams tweeted that he hadn’t seen any pictures of a nearly frozen Niagara Falls during the recent deep freeze brought on by a polar vortex earlier this month, the Niagara Falls man lept into action.

“I told him I could get one,” Williams said. “I said I live nearby.”…

He grabbed his camera and headed out, snapped a few pictures and picked one out to send to his American counterpart…

It was picked up by online outlets like the Huffington Post and at last count, had received five million hits and more than 100,000 shares on Facebook.

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